Hardware Lifecycle

Hardware life cycle management extends from acquisition to disposal of equipment. Failure to take a holistic view of hardware life cycles will raise your total cost of ownership can lead to inefficiencies, duplication, omissions and, unnecessary cost, essentially raising the total cost of ownership (TCO). Organisations should make a realistic assessment of their requirements and map these against both their own in-house capabilities and that of their hardware suppliers' to provide a full range of life cycle services.

Hardware life cycle management refer to all the processes, tasks and people required to keep hardware functional and to maintain user productivity during the lifetime of both hardware and software. The life cycle services start just before the hardware acquisition phase and continue through to disposal and transition to a replacement platform.  

As the name implies, hardware life cycle services should be viewed cyclically. Many of the phases in the hardware's life cycle will blend into each other. For most businesses in developed economies, new hardware is bought to replace established systems. Replacement planning affects when old systems will be ready for retirement as well as budgetary requirements for the procurement of new systems.

Different organisations will define the life cycle services differently to fit their own organisational needs. However, it is useful to think of the services in terms of stages of hardware's life: Procurement, deployment, management/operations and retirement/transition.

Source: Gartner Dataquest (March 2006)


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